Google stops using Android Auto for mobile

The mobile version of Android Auto has been discontinued for good, and the app is now “only available for car screens”. Earlier this month, users started receiving a warning through Android Auto, saying the app won’t open on smartphones anytime soon.

Google had already discontinued Android Auto for mobile phones on devices running Android 12 and above in 2021. However, older OS versions still run Android Auto for phone screens.

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This week, even AA for phone screens also stopped working for users of Android 11 and earlier. Now, when the app is opened, the app redirects the user to the Android Auto settings page, where the warning appears that the platform is only available for car screens.

The option Google left for Android Auto users was the Google Assistant Driving Mode, which was announced in 2019 but actually released in September 2021.

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As pointed out by 9to5Google, Driving Mode may replace mobile Android Auto in its core features. But it’s an entirely different experience, and not what most people really want. Android Auto for mobile had a simple and easy to use interface that worked well for both cars and older phones.

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