Google Is Rolling Out Android 13 Beta 2.1 Patch for Pixel Devices, Makes Several Improvements

Google has released a new beta update for Android 13. Although there is only half a month left, the new Android 13 Beta 2.1 patch should fix some issues plaguing Pixel devices soon after the initial release of the Android 13 Public Beta.

According to Google’s release notes, the latest Android update will introduce a number of fixes and improvements, which were previously mixed in the May 11 update for Android 13 Beta 2. Fixed an issue where typing in the search bar resulted in an empty list of suggestions. The latest update fixed a hardware crash and restart issue when hotspot was turned on.

Moreover, if you are facing the problem of hearing a continuous calling sound that could be in the background during a phone call, the new update takes care of it now. Android 13 Beta 2.1 patch also fixed the issue of devices crashing and restarting after disconnecting from Android Auto. Moreover, users will no longer land on an empty list of suggestions after typing in the search bar.

The mid-cycle update still includes the same list of known issues as Beta 2 that was released on May 11th, except for those mentioned above.

If the user is already on Android 13 Beta, the alternative will routinely notify Pixel devices with an OTA notification. If the user is in the Android 12 QPR (Quarterly Platform Release) program, they will need to opt out and re-subscribe to the Android 13 beta, bearing in mind that the Android 13 Beta is still in early beta and there may be There are a lot of issues.

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