Google Foldable Phone Launch Reportedly Delayed for Second Time, Now Coming Next Spring

The foldable smartphone from Google that was rumored to be launched soon has reportedly been delayed even further. The foldable phone was previously expected to launch in late 2021, but it has been delayed. Now, for the second time, the Internet giant has postponed the launch of the smartphone. The foldable phone is said to have a 7.57-inch screen inside and a 5.78-inch screen outside with an ultra-thin glass cover. The product is said to have been delayed because the foldable smartphone did not meet Google’s expectations. It was reported earlier that the working name of the phone is Google Pixel Notepad.

According to a report by The Elec, Google has delayed the launch of its foldable smartphone for the second time. The report added that people familiar with the matter say that the company is delaying the launch of the smartphone because it is not as complete as Google would like.

It has been reported that Google’s foldable smartphone comes with a Samsung display. The phone is said to have a 7.57-inch screen on the inside and a 5.78-inch screen on the outside with an ultra-thin glass cover.

It was earlier expected that Google would show its foldable smartphone in the last quarter of last year after the company delayed its launch from late 2021. Now, according to tweet From Ross Young, CEO of Display Supple Chain Consultants, multiple sources said the launch of Google’s foldable smartphone has been delayed until next spring.

It was reported in January that Google’s foldable smartphone had received the working moniker Pixel Notepad. The report also mentioned that Google has also considered “Logbook” for the name of the smartphone. The phone was said to come in a similar shape to the Oppo Find N. The foldable phone is also rumored to have the same Google Tensor SoC from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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