Google Docs Now Allows Users to Select and Edit Multiple Texts at Once

Google Docs has added multiple text selection and editing feature, making it more productive. The new extension allows users to select multiple texts at once and take actions on their documents such as deleting, copying, pasting, and formatting all selections. Google claims that users will no longer have to make frequent changes to their documents. Instead, these multiple text selections will help in faster formatting and editing. Let’s take a look at the new changes in Google Docs.

Through an official announcement, Google announced that it is making the multi-text selection feature available “for all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.” The gradual rollout of this feature began on May 25 and is expected to make the feature fully available in the coming weeks.

With the help of this last feature, users will now be able, for example, to select all sub-headings in a document at once and make the desired changes instead of selecting individual headings and applying the changes. In addition, the same feature applies even when users want to change the font size of their text or want to make any formatting or other editing changes in their document.

How does multiple text selection work in Google Docs

Google has given an option for users to implement the multi-text selection feature using keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs documents. ChromeOS and Windows users can use the multi-select text feature in a document by highlighting a section of text they want to edit and then pressing Ctrl and selecting another set of text. They can now edit both selected texts with the same formatting options. On the other hand, Mac users can perform the same operation using the command button.

Earlier this month, Google announced that users of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides will soon be protected from phishing and malware attacks with the help of virtual cards that will warn users.

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