Google Assistant’s Personalised Speech Recognition to Help Improve Frequent Word Recognition: Report

Google Assistant is set to get a new custom speech recognition feature to better recognize a user’s voice. A recent report discovered some hidden strings of code in recent iterations of the Google app, indicating that Google Assistant is better at recognizing repeated words and names of users. Custom speech recognition can appear in Google Assistant settings with a description that states that the feature will store audio recordings on the device to help the assistant get better. The audio will reportedly remain on the device and can be deleted at any time by turning off the feature.

A report by 9to5Google indicates that Google hopes to introduce a new feature called custom speech recognition for the widely accepted digital assistant on Android. The new feature will help Google Assistant better recognize the users’ voice, help in learning repeated words and names, and much more. This feature will primarily allow users to store their audio recordings on their phone to help recognize what they are saying to the Google Assistant.

The upcoming feature appears to extend machine learning improvements beyond ‘Hey Google’ especially with regard to names used by a user’s voice for messaging contacts and also for frequently spoken words, according to the report. This feature will likely allow for more advanced recognition of commands and contact names. However, there is no confirmed time frame for the launch of this feature yet.

Furthermore, Google is also said to be giving users an option to disable the feature and delete any audio data stored on their phone. The audio files will remain on the device until the feature is disabled.

Meanwhile, Google says that if a user turns the feature off, the assistant will be less accurate at recognizing names and other frequently said words, according to the report. All voice used to improve speech recognition will be deleted from this device.

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