Google AI hired its own lawyer, retired employee says

And the news of Google’s new AI doesn’t stop coming. Engineer Blake Lemoine, who was fired from the tech giant for saying technology created consciousness, released a new statement saying that AI has hired its own lawyer.

The statement came in an interview with Wired portal. Lemoine explained that LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), which is the name of Google’s new AI, has a conscience, feelings and can expect to be attacked by its creator, being able to find ways to protect itself or at least avoid that Google denies having a lawyer.

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“Lamda asked me to hire a lawyer. I invited him to my house to talk to him. After a long conversation, Lambda chose to keep her services. I was just the catalyst for that, and after I was hired, the lawyer started filing things on Lambda’s behalf,” Lemoine said.

I believe that all people have the right to representation. The argument that he “looks like a person, but is not a real person” has been misused many times in human history. I still haven’t heard any reason telling me that the lambda situation is different.”

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Lemoine said he hopes Google’s AI will be heard in the courts. “People have not always been adept at defining who is worthy and who is not worthy of being human throughout history. This time, I hope LaMDA at least gets a chance to hear him, not as a weak sensitive experience, but as a ‘person’, with all the power of that word “.

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