Galaxy Watch 4 will monitor heart patients at InCor in São Paulo (SP)

Samsung, along with Instituto do Coração of the Hospital das Clínicas of the University of São Paulo College of Medicine (InCor), have announced a partnership for the Galaxy Watch 4 to be present in a remote monitoring project for patients who have undergone cardiac arrest. surgery.

This type of remote monitoring is part of the features already in the smartwatch, such as logging steps taken, heart rate, oxygen saturation in the blood and even the patient’s blood pressure. Data collection is part of the preoperative period as well as the postoperative period.

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Other data analyzed remotely by the hospital include sleep pattern and electrocardiogram. The platform used to list all information will be created by InCor. On the part of Samsung, the Korean company has developed some specific solutions for this use, with the help of the national team of the brand located in Campinas (SP).

Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS 3 (Photo: Mario Kurth / Olhar Digital)
Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS 3 (Photo: Mario Kurth / Olhar Digital)

“The purpose of this research project is to allow, with due prior permission, to assist patients with data collected by the Galaxy Watch 4. This platform will allow, even outside a hospital environment, to continue to be monitored during their treatment, facilitating the identification of potential risk situations, thus enabling Preventive medical measures, comments Luis Guilherme Selber, Director of Innovation for Research and Development at Samsung Brazil.

Galaxy Watch 4 spotted BBB 22 participants

The partnership lasts 14 months, but there is a possibility to implement this type of monitoring in more areas of the same SUS. Samsung has already used this same Galaxy Watch 4 model to monitor the health of this year’s BBB-participating sibling – during the first half of 2022.

At the time, the Galaxy Watch 4 was modified to remove all interactions with social networks and other apps, to enhance the complete isolation of the reality show participants. Some of the changes include connecting exclusively via Wi-Fi and having the screen always off, even to extend battery life.

Every Galaxy Watch 4 used during BBB 22 was able to monitor the same data for 24 consecutive hours. The model was changed daily, so that recharging could be done.

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