Full Schedule for the 2022 Draft: Paulo Panchero’s first pick, Osman Deng joins Thunder!

It was announced that the 2022 draft had not been decided upon and this was the case from the first choice. While Jabari Smith Jr. was the favorite to go to Orlando, it was finally Paulo Panchero (who never did a workout with Magic) who Adam Silver called on stage first! Chet Holmgren followed the Oklahoma City team while Jabbari Smith Jr., convinced not to break out of second, ended up in Houston, third in this old-fashioned…

France’s Ousmane Deng was selected as the 11th pick by the Knicks…but was moved a step further by Thunder, in exchange for several future options in the first round.

player profession CAF / Country equipped
1 Paulo Banchero strong wing duke Orlando
2 Chet Holmgren power forward/axle Gonzaga Oklahoma City
3 Jabbari Smith Jr. strong wing Auburn Houston
4 Keegan Murray wing / strong wing Yes Sacramento
5 Jaden Ivy behind Bordeaux Detroit
6 Benedict Mathurin defender / winger Arizona Indiana
7 cheddon sharp defender / winger Kentucky Portland
8 Dyson Daniels leader / return g league New Orleans (from the Los Angeles Lakers)
9 Jeremy Suchan power forward/axle Baylor San Antonio
10 Johnny Davis defender / winger Wisconsin Washington
11 Osman Deng the ward France Oklahoma City (from New York)
12 Galen Williams behind Santa Clara Oklahoma City (from L.A. Clippers)
13 Galen Doreen the hub Memphis Detroit (from Charlotte)
14 Cleveland
15th Charlotte (from New Orleans)
16 Atlanta
17 Houston (from Brooklyn)
18 Chicago
19 Minnesota
20 San Antonio (from Toronto)
21 Denver
22 Memphis (from Utah)
23 Philadelphia
24 Milwaukee
25 San Antonio (from Boston)
26 Dallas
27 Miami
28 Golden State
29 Memphis
30 Oklahoma City (from Phoenix)
31 Indiana (from Houston)
32 Orlando
33 Toronto (from Detroit)
34 Oklahoma City
35 Los Angeles Lakers (from Indiana)
36 Portland
37 Sacramento
38 San Antonio (from the Los Angeles Lakers)
39 Cleveland (San Antonio)
40 Minnesota (from Washington)
41 New Orleans
42 New York
43 Los Angeles Clippers
44 Atlanta
45 Charlotte
46 Detroit (from Brooklyn)
47 Memphis (from Cleveland)
48 Minnesota
49 Sacramento (from Chicago)
50 Minnesota (from Denver)
51 Golden State (from Toronto)
52 New Orleans (from Utah)
53 Boston
54 Milwaukee
55 Miami
56 Washington (from Dallas)
57 Golden State
58 Cleveland (from Miami)
59 Portland (from Memphis)
60 Indiana (from Phoenix)

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