Find out how to buy Corinthians x Boca Juniors tickets at Libertadores

Sales to watch the Libertadores match at the Neo Química Arena are now open, while fans will want to know how to buy Corinthians x Boca Juniors tickets. Sao Paulo will face the Argentine group on Tuesday 28 June in the first leg of the round of 16 of the competition.

Divided into sectors, tickets range from R$50 to R$750, while the Fiel Torcedor gets a huge discount on purchase to watch in the arena.

How to buy Corinthians x Boca Juniors tickets in Libertadores?

Corinthians opened the sale of tickets for the match against Boca Juniors, scheduled for next Tuesday, June 28, at the New Coimica Arena, for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

Exclusively online, it is possible to purchase a ticket through the Fiel Torcedor website ( or the official website of the Corinthians Ticket Office ( Remember, fan, There will be no physical box office.

Sales will open in a staggered manner so that Fiel Torcedor members have priority when making a purchase.

The first stage, which opens at 11 a.m. on Thursday, June 23, is only for Fiel Torcedor members with balances related to matches suspended due to the pandemic. The sale of parking to owners who pay the Minha Cadeira plan is also the first to be made available.

Then, non-delayed members with 15 points starting at 1 p.m., and other Fiel Torcedor members only entering at 6 p.m. Brasilia time, to purchase tickets for Tuesday’s game.

ATTENTION: The sale will take place to the masses in general on Saturday, 25 June, from 3 pm, 3 pm, only on the platform.

If you already have a registration on the site, you must go to the page that indicates the sale of tickets for the match against Boca. If not, you must complete the registration and enter the information by clicking “Register”.

Follow the full schedule to purchase a Corinthians x Boca Juniors ticket.

Thursday 06/23:

Tickets open for Fiel Torcedor members with game credits suspended during the pandemic (Ituano and Palmeiras)
The opening of the car park sale to owners who comply with the Minha Cadeira plan of the Fiel Torcedor Program.

1 pm:
Opening is for non-failed members of the Fiel Torcedor who have 35 or more points, regardless of plan.

Opening to non-backward Fiel Torcedor members in general

Saturday 06/25 from 15:00:
Opening tickets to the general public.

How to buy a Corinthians x Boca Juniors ticket
Corinthians tickets website

What is the price of a ticket for Corinthians vs Boca Juniors?

Tickets to watch the Corinthians-Boca Juniors match in Libertadores range from R$50 to R$750, according to information published by Alfinegro Club.

Tickets are divided into North, South, Upper and Lower East, Western, Lower and Western business sectors with different numbers. The cheapest is Norte, at R$50, while the most expensive is the Oeste Business, at R$750, but with a prime view of the countryside.

How to buy a Corinthians x Boca Juniors ticket
The illustration shows the sectors of the square. Photo: clone / clone Corinthians ticket website / www. Ingressoscorinthians. with. R

Minha Vida plan members get 20% to 74% off, while Minha História users get 24% to 45% off, in the most diverse sectors of the Neo Química Arena.

Divided by sectors, follow the entire Corinthians ticket price list.

North – 50.00 Brazilian Real
South – 150.00 BRL
Upper East – 165.00 BRL
Lower East Side – 195.00 BRL
Super Western – 255.00 BRL
Lower West Corner – 300.00 BRL
Lower West Side – 480.00 BRL
Midwest Low – 600.00 BRL
Western Business – 750 BRL

How to buy a Corinthians x Boca Juniors ticket
Corinthians tickets price list. Photo: Reproduction / Corinthians Official @ Corinthians

Corinthians vs Boca Juniors in Libertadores 2022

Corinthians and Boca Juniors face each other in the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores da America.

This will be the third time they have met in the competition, as they competed in Group E in the first stage of the competition. Boca finished first with 10 points, while Alfingro secured second place with 9 points.

The first match ended with 2×0 for Timão, who played on home soil. On the way back, the 1-1 draw pleased the fans as well.

Remember how the last time the two teams faced each other was.

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