Facebook is testing a new policy to limit false comments

In March of this year, Meta, the company that owns Facebook, filed a lawsuit against Chad Taylor Cowan, suspected of creating a network of fake accounts who provided positive feedback to companies in order to increase business visibility and visibility.

In the complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Meta alleges that Cowan violated the terms of the platform and provided a completely fake sharing service targeting Facebook.

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The company’s comments are analyzed by Facebook to understand the user’s experience with the company in question. For example, when there are many positive comments, the company benefits.

However, when a company receives a lot of negative feedback, Facebook can take action by restricting ads, reducing monetization, and in some cases, even banning accounts.

The service provided by Cowan aims to generate many positive comments for companies, making any negative comment an exception. In this way, the described experience was completely wrong and misleading other users.

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Now, Facebook is testing a new policy to prevent these types of false comments. Ratings will be monitored by Meta’s human and automated technical reviewers.

If the company withdraws any real notes, the auditor may appeal and request a review.

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