EP 557 Post Office Remains First Class to Many

The United States Postal Service remains the only mail and parcel delivery mechanism that has the ability to reach all parts of America. Despite new technologies and competitors heralded as the end of postal delivery, it remains critical to many Americans, especially those who live in rural sectors. And in 2020, faced with greater pressure than ever during the pandemic, she rose to the challenge of becoming essential to the election process. Our guest, Christopher Shaw, author of First Class, argues that it should be preserved because it is a national treasure. At the same time, he acknowledges that because mail volume has fallen by 40% over the past 15 years, its business model needs updating. He has a plethora of ideas for doing so. Most importantly, though, Congress has just passed a bipartisan Postal Reform Act that will go a long way to making the Postal Service’s strained financial situation better and more sustainable.

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