Editorial took elitist jab at lesser high schools | Letters - world cultures

Editorial took elitist jab at lesser high schools | Letters

What is the opening writer referring to in a South Jersey Times editorial on July 3 (“This is the graduation of our displeasure”) with a sentence that ends with “…what should students in lower-ranked schools think?”

The editorial cites recent incidents of high school and college graduations, including one in which about 150 students at Haddonfield High School “the gracious of the crop” allegedly returned after a ceremony to vandalize its stadium.

The sentence I asked reads: “If 75% of them (Haddonfield High had 200 alumni this year) think the best ‘thank you’ parting for a superior education is to destroy a place, what should students in lower-ranked schools think?”

To me, the implication is that students who went to lower-education schools were expected to burn down the building.

The editorial then moves to events in Pennsylvania and Eastern Regional High School, and a commentary about a U.S. Supreme Court judge. None of these examples explain the “lower rated schools” reference.

I obviously missed the call, but I didn’t miss the insult. The editorial board owes all lower-ranked schools an apology.

James DeGennaro, Woodbury Heights

Something kosher in Margate, but not enough

I’m 35, married six months ago, and have been missing the beach since last summer, so it was really amazing to be back at Margate on the 4th of July this weekend.

Spending time with my family at the beach, shopping at Cassel’s Marketplace supermarket and jogging back and forth for Shabbat services to the Young Israel Synagogue, I really appreciated how welcoming the weekend was to visitors and locals around the area.

With three other options now gone, there may be no more than a kosher restaurant open on this part of the beach right now. It certainly appears that the opportunity exists for a kosher coffee shop, dairy café, or seafood restaurant to reopen and thrive, and not just in the summer. The local Shalom Pita meat restaurant in Ventnor still exists, but has not reopened for the season.

As for the year-round business, I promote sustainability and social entrepreneurship, so while most homes still don’t have solar panels, I’ve been impressed by the number who have taken advantage of tax benefits, backup power supplies, and electricity bill savings homeowners receive to help produce More clean domestic energy.

Henry Goodlman, Margit

Note: The writer also lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is the founder of rejews.org nonprofit organization.

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