Dogecoin Co-Founder Billy Markus Believes Terra 2.0 Will Attract ‘Dumb’ Gamblers

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus, who has been very vocal on Twitter about the stable TerraUSD debacle, now claims that the upcoming launch of Terra 2.0 – the new iteration of the failed blockchain project, will show the world how “dumb” crypto gamblers really are. The restart, which CEO Terra Do Kwon presented over the course of a week amid heavy criticism, was approved by the community after the proposal won a 65 percent vote. According to Kuhn’s proposal, the existing LUNA token will be renamed LUNA Classic, while the new LUNA blockchain will only be launched in block 0 on May 27.

While Marcus didn’t elaborate on what he meant by the statement, based on recent developments surrounding the Terra project, it’s easy to conclude that the Dogecoin founder believes things could get worse even after Terra launches its new series.

Just over a week ago, Marcus posted a controversial tweet following the TerraUSD incident, describing 95 percent of crypto projects as “scams and rubbish.” Adding to his original tweet, Marcus said that people who will be “provoked” and “criticized” on his tweet are “scammers”. While the tweets from the Dogecoin creators come at a time when the cryptocurrency market appears to be booming with scam projects, they also appear to be a blatant clown in the Terra community.

The “scam and rubbish” attempts launched by Marcus also occurred after he criticized Terraz de Kwon as a “tech brother” – a move that eventually led to Kwon banning Markus on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Team Terra, as part of its revival plan, is working closely with several central exchanges to support the upcoming airdrop of his community. 35 percent of LUNA tokens will be lowered to LUNA and UST holders before the attack. A large part of the token distribution will also be allocated to Terra dApp developers and the general ecosystem.

The charismatic but polarizing South Korean entrepreneur Do Kwon, founder of Terra, said the impetus for restarting the coin was to support the broader platform built around Terra.

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