Different cultures of the world

Different cultures

Different cultures of the world

There are so many reasons why you love traveling , it throws you out of the way, gives you a great taste of freedom, broadens your perspective, allows you to connect with yourself and teaches you to value life, but the most beautiful thing about travel is the ability to learn and experience new cultures With 195 different countries in the world and thousands of cultures, the opportunities to learn about different cultures are limitless.

Different cultures of the world

Holi – Papua New Guinea

The Huli are one of the most famous tribes in Papua New Guinea, an island in Oceania with hundreds of unique traditional tribes, the Huli are fearless warriors, famous for their ornate heads and a unique way of coloring their faces and bodies with bright yellow substance (holy clay) and red ocher Men put feathers across their noses, snakeskin on their foreheads, and chains around their necks.

Kazakhs – Kazakhstan

The Kazakhs are a semi-nomadic tribe that has been traveling through the mountains and valleys of Kazakhstan since the fifteenth century, and they are descendants of the Mongols and other nomadic tribes of Central Asia and still adhere to the traditions dating back to ancient centuries, taming wild horses, and one of the most famous ancient traditions of them is eagle hunting, The highest form of art and dedication is the annual Golden Eagles Festival, in which Kazakhs wear wolf skins, cross mountains on horseback, and golden eagles soar in the sky to celebrate this unique heritage.

Rabari – India

India is a land of mystery, magic and amazing culture, and one of the tribes that managed to capture the strange magic of this great country is the Rabari (also called Rewari or Desai), whose name is due to an immigrant named Rabari, who is believed to have emigrated from Iran more than a thousand years ago, who toured In western India for nearly 1,000 years, and famous for its intricate embroidery, exquisite copper jewelry and tattoos, for hundreds of years women adorned themselves with magical symbols considered decorative and religious, and men often wear white with turban jewellery.

Luba – Nepal

Loba was the lost kingdom of Tibet, a remote and isolated region in the dramatic Himalayas in Nepal, a place shrouded in mystery and mysticism.

The Loba people practice an early form of Buddhism and are known for their raucous religious festivals. The Tiji Festival is a three-day festival consisting of a ritual known as “chasing demons.” “A lot of Luba still thinks the world is flat.

 Gaúchos South America

You find this culture in Argentina , Paraguay, Uruguay, southeastern Bolivia, southern Chile, and southern Brazil. They are associated with their horses and dedicate themselves to hunting the call of the wild (and wild cattle).

They are brave and famous for their cruelty, famous for legends and folklore, and are one of the most romantic cultures in the world.

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