Culture around the world

Culture around the world

Culture around the world


1 Culture of people around the world

The culture of people around the world Each of the peoples of the world has a different culture and identity from other peoples, and some of these cultures may be strange and unique to other peoples, and the following is an overview of the culture of some peoples around the world:

Indian culture The people of India have a culture, customs, traditions, dances, clothes, homes, and local drinks that distinguish them from other peoples, and highlight their identity, a people who live in absolute peace and harmony

. their own desires, and he is very good hosts, but they have some strange habits to others; They perform many religious rituals that are strange to other peoples, believing that not performing these rituals can bring them trouble and misfortune.

 Kalash culture in Pakistan The Kalash people in Pakistan have a distinct and different culture from other peoples around the world.

They are a unique people who hail from three small valleys in the mountains of western Pakistan, which are Mount Bomborit, Mount Rampur, and Mount Perir. Some researchers believe that they are descendants of the armies of Alexander the Great.

They have light skin and light eyes, which is an uncommon color in South Asia, and the Kalash people have their own religion and culture; Although Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country, the Kalash are pagans, and the Kalash culture is believed to be linked to ancient Hinduism, and Kalash women wear brightly colored dresses and head coverings with unique embroidery.


Asian culture Asian culture is one of the broadest in the whole world, and Asian culture is famous for its diversity, carrying countless languages, traditions, rituals, languages, and art, and since the continent of Asia is divided into six major parts, an enormous cultural diversity can be found in it With all the elements of cultural diversity, and among the most important religions in Asian culture; Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Confucianism, Zoroastrianism, and many others. Asians speak a wide range of languages, and Asia is spread in many arts such as Indian art, Bedouin folk art, ancient Chinese art, Cambodian art, Arab art, and Islamic art , and many others.

Culture around the world
Culture around the world

 Malaysian culture Malaysian culture is incredibly rich in many wonderful arts such as sculpture, painting, filmmaking, and many more, and it is characterized by architecture that is closely related to the Malaysian historical aspect, and Malaysian culture offers a group of the most delicious food on earth, and in general It can be said that the Malaysian culture takes on a vital legacy, which indicates its distinguished appreciation.

It is indicated that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, and the oldest tropical rainforest in the world is located in Malaysia.

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