countries influence global culture

global culture

countries influence global culture

Five countries that strongly influence global


Global influences are often measured by military, economic, and political power, but for some countries it is cultural power, including food, fashion and the arts, that exerts the strongest influence in the broader world.

global culture
global culture

These culturally influential countries were recently ranked by US News & World Report according to various factors, such as their reputation as prestigious, modern, classy, ​​happy, and culturally distinct in terms of entertainment.

Although a number of these top 10 countries are located in Europe, including Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, the list also includes Japan (which ranks high for being prestigious and trendy), Brazil (for the happiness and entertainment of its residents) and the United States. United (for being modern and culturally influential).

We spoke with citizens of the top five countries representing these areas of cultural influence to find out how their countries have had a global impact, and how they feel about living in a place that defines global development.


Italy is known for designer brands such as Valentino, Armani, Versace, and Gucci. Italy scored 10 out of 10 for being “modern” and “chic”, which doesn’t surprise compatriots like Lucio Buffalmano, founder of the blog, who hails from Abruzzo, east of Rome.

“It’s just a repetitive and familiar idea, but Italians care about what looks beautiful, and they pay more attention than others to appearance,” says Pavalmano.

Milan is the center of business and fashion in Italy


comment on the photo,Milan is the center of business and fashion in Italy, but it also has high-end and famous restaurants

But this well-known attention to detail extends well beyond fashion. “Italy has a huge impact on everything related to lifestyle, from food to furniture,” says Angela Correas, who is originally from Sardinia, now lives in Rome, and writes for the blog Rome Actuali.

Italian food of course has a huge impact. To experience the impact of Italian cooking, Correas recommends heading to the capital, Rome.

Correas says: “The financial crisis affected it deeply, but the people of Rome did not stop the habit of eating in restaurants. Here you can explore traditional tastes and recipes created with a modern touch. Porto Restaurant in Partia, for example, serves seafood similar to traditional food ‘ Casio e Pepe (a pasta marinated with pecorino cheese and black pepper), and while it may sound strange, the combination of cheese and seafood is a real treat.”

Bologna is one of the most interesting cultural destinations for foreigners, and is also known for its rich heritage especially when it comes to food. Milan, the country’s largest business and fashion hub, also has a number of fine restaurants as well as a large foreign community.


Contemporary, Prestigious, and Upscale. These are the specifications in which France scored high marks. The famous French phrase “I don’t know why” has become something people around the world are trying to imitate.

Rubens Fels, who has lived in Paris for a long time, did not realize how influential his country’s culture was until he traveled to a number of countries in the Middle East and Asia.

“People in faraway countries love French food, French art and French fashion, which they take inspiration from local shapes and models in their country,” says Fels. “I met people in Iran and they told me how much they love the prints known in French as Molière. It shocked me.”

French city of Toulouse


United State

The United States is highly regarded as being “modern” and “artistically influential” as people around the world enjoy American films, music, and TV shows.

Even when another country precedes it in something like reality TV, which started in the UK, the US is working to enlarge and expand it to become world famous.

The technology industry that characterizes the United States also has its impact, especially as it is home to Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon, where millions of people interact daily with these social services and networks.

هوليوود في الولايات المتحدة


comment on the photo,Movies, music, and TV shows in the US are enjoyed by people globally

This influential American identity is deeply rooted in the principle of the possibility of building strength and extending dreams far beyond humble beginnings.

“We still believe in the American dream here, which is only possible in the United States that was once known as a British colony of fugitives, slaves, religious persecutors, and the world’s poor,” says Andrew Selebak, professor in the Department of Telecommunications at the University of Florida and director of the graduate program. for social media.

New York City, the largest city in the United States, exemplifies these values. Singer Frank Sinatra’s words “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere” still apply to New York City, also known as the city that never sleeps.

On the opposite coast, Hollywood in Los Angeles produces the films and entertainment that shapes culture in the United States and beyond. “The American TV shows that are made here affect the way we talk and dress, what we watch, and who we are,” says Selebak.

But between the two cities, a huge geographical area extends, including oceans, deserts, mountains and agricultural land. The United States is proud of the diversity that characterizes its nearly 300 million people.

“Just like our ethnic backgrounds, we all grew up with different cultures and values,” says John Sala, who writes on The Running Publisher’s blog. “Miami is not like Chicago, nor is Orlean anything like New York. Every city is shaped by its history and its people. If you have an experience in a particular area that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then try moving to another part of the country.”


Spain was at one time one of the largest empires in the world, and it left an indelible mark on many regions of the world, stretching from South America to the East Indies.



comment on the photo,Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese when measured by the number of native speakers

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese when measured by the number of native speakers. The power of Spanish-language films, as well as Spanish television and music, has contributed to the country’s place among the most influential nations in world culture.

“Wherever I travel, it is always easy to find a part of my country, from Spanish to religion, Spanish cuisine, festivals, and many more,” says Inma Gregorio of Galicia, who writes for the travel blog World to Travel. and travel.

The tapas culture of Spanish cuisine spreads around the world, but it also documents the strength of relationships between people locally. Andre Arreaza, who lives in Barcelona and is the founder of Barcelona It Local, a website about culinary experiences in Barcelona, ​​says: “Food here is a way of life. Eating is sharing, whether with a group of friends or with strangers around you, who engage in conversation. “.

This kind of social interaction is of the essence in a country that always puts family and friends before work, where lunches take a long time, and where family gatherings are the norm. “Even during the constitutional crisis last year, bars and cafes were bustling day and night,” says Jigorio.

This is a welcome change for foreigners, such as Cory Varga, a British citizen who has been living in Seville for six months and writes on the You Code Travel blog: “We like to live in Spain because everyone is relaxed. The attitude towards life is that it has to be be of value and enjoy it.”

United kingdom

The UK ranks highly among what is described as ‘prestigious’, where its citizens are proud of their ability to combine a strong work ethic, creativity and openness to change to produce new innovations.

“We have some of the finest universities in the world, and we have a flair for entrepreneurship,” says London-based writer Ian Hawkins. He adds: “Do not forget that machine codes, computers and the World Wide Web (the Internet) are all inventions of the British.”

The influence and flexibility of the English language allowed Britain to thrive as a place where people came together to forge a new future.

المملكة المتحدة


comment on the photo,According to US News and World Report, the UK has a high reputation for being highly reputable.”Our language is rich in borrowings from other languages, and people accept it because it is easy,” Hawkins says.

“My Venezuelan friend arrived in London 11 years ago with £700 in his pocket without knowing a word of English. Today he works as a business consultant and runs more than 30 restaurants and shops. Anyone can come to Britain and be like a British person.”

Foreigners should know that Brits don’t always mean what they say, so read between the lines. “It’s important to look for nuances in language and in body language,” says Australian Amanda O’Brien, who writes for The Boutique Adventure. She adds that “I’m not sure” often means “no.”

“The English often mean the exact opposite of what they say, their language is full of puns, double meanings, and nuances,” O’Brien says.

As the country’s commercial and financial center, London remains the number one destination for foreign employees and workers. Although the city suffers from a lack of affordable housing, the abundance of its museums, concert halls and theaters provides the appropriate environment for its citizens to keep pace with the best and latest in the human arena of culture and arts.

A resident of London, Gregory Golinskes, originally from Paris, says: “Samuel Johnson has a famous saying: When a person is bored of London, he is tired of life.”

“I totally agree with that,” Golinskes adds. “There are so many things that are so attractive here that you can go to a different place every weekend, so you don’t have to do the same thing twice.”

But cultural excellence does not stop at the capital. Edinburgh has a great cultural influence, hosting the Fringe Festival, the world’s largest art festival, and being the “birthplace” of Harry Potter. The city of Birmingham in the center of the country is another competitor to London and Edinburgh in the field of culture.

“From clubs to bands, Birmingham has a great cultural life,” Hawkins says. “The city is known for having more canals than Venice, and its jewelery district where fashion meets traditional skills.”

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