Cooper Roberts, 8, was shot in the chest and paralyzed from the waist down in the Highland Park Parade attack. - world cultures

Cooper Roberts, 8, was shot in the chest and paralyzed from the waist down in the Highland Park Parade attack.

In a virtual press conference on Thursday, Louise said Cooper Roberts was shot in the chest and had several serious injuries, including a severed spinal cord.

Louise said he remains unconscious and on a ventilator in hospital, in a critical but stable condition.

“It would be a new normal for him to move forward,” said Louise. “It looks like he’s going to have big problems moving forward, especially walking.”

Louise said Cooper and his twin, Luke, loved the show. This captivating event ended in tragedy when a gunman began firing a semi-automatic rifle into the crowd from a rooftop. Seven people were killed, and dozens – including Roberts – were injured.

Louise said Luke was hit by shrapnel, treated and released and is now recovering at his home. The spokesperson added that their mother, Kelly Roberts, had been “shot in the leg and foot” and had undergone multiple surgeries.

Louise said she was released from the hospital because she insisted on staying with Cooper in the hospital.

According to a spokesperson, Cooper and Luke have four older sisters. A verified GoFundMe campaign to support the family.

Baseball fan and wrestler

Louise said Cooper was always very active, loved baseball and sports in general—and was a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Cooper’s older sister said in a statement that the twins were “best friends and partners in crime”.

“Cooper has never met a stranger in his life – everyone he meets is his best friend (second only to Luke),” his statement read. “He is a great athlete – he loves football, cycling, baseball (Go Brew Crew – he went to his first Brewers game about a week ago and couldn’t have loved it more) and football (Go Pack Go). He is very hardworking and loves to read. – book reader. That’s why Cause he’s probably the funniest and most engaging storyteller you’ll ever meet.”

“There is nothing this boy cannot do, and no words to describe the kindness in him,” he added.

Cooper has undergone several surgeries since filming. Louise said Cooper is a fighter like his mother.

“If you know Kelly, she’s just a fighter, and Cooper seems to have that part of her because she’s fighting as hard as she can,” said Louise.

Kelly Roberts is the principal of Zion Elementary School District 6, a school district in northeastern Illinois. In a statement, district officials said Cooper “will be fine, but we know his medical expenses will be significant, as will his ongoing treatment.”

“Pray for Cooper’s speedy recovery. Any help you can offer — ideas, prayers or donations — would be greatly appreciated,” the county statement said.

Louise, who said she knew Roberts through work, described it this way. Always dedicated to her students, she works “24 hours a day” and even emails him in the early hours of the morning, “about the students in her schools and how she can support and serve them.”

“I have worked in many areas as a school principal for many years and I am still amazed,” Loisie said. “Now she and her family need our support.”

CNN’s Ashley Gilo contributed to this report.

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