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Collectibles Market Ignite With Stephen Curry

In addition to the NBA floors, Stephen Curry He also knows how to ignite the collectibles market. ESPN reported that his jersey, which he wore during the first game of the last Finals, sold for $203,000 on Tuesday, during an auction organized by the league.

We remember that during this first game against the Celtics, the future Series MVP signed an historic performance with six baskets of 3-point conversions in the first quarter, a quarterback record at this point in the season.

If the sum is large, he would still be far from the industry record with the Kobe Bryant jersey, from his rookie year, which sold for $3.7 million last year.

The Stephen Curry craze has also dominated the collectible card market in recent weeks. In late May, a Panini autographed (1 in 1) beginner card sold for $492,000. Last month, the 2009 National Treasures Curry RPA Playoff Card, number 99, sold for $720,000. And just ten days later, the shirt he wore in the first game of the 2016 finals sold for $343,000.

Perhaps it is not over.

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