Broadcom’s VMware Acquisition and Other Deals Under CEO Hock Tan: A Timeline

Broadcom on Thursday made its biggest and boldest move to diversify its business, offering $61 billion (about Rs 4,73,639 crore) to VMware.

The VMware purchase may be Broadcom’s most ambitious attempt at a deal since its efforts to buy Qualcomm for $103 billion (about Rs 7,99,752 crore) failed in 2018.

Here is a timeline of major Broadcom deals under CEO Hook Tan:

26 May 2022

Broadcom has agreed to buy cloud computing company VMware in a cash and stock transaction worth $61 billion (about Rs.4.73.639 crore); It discloses $32 billion (about Rs 2,48,466 crore) in financing commitments for the deal.

August 2019

Broadcom has agreed to buy corporate security firm Symantec for $10.7 billion (about Rs 83,081 crore) in cash.

July 11, 2018

Broadcom says it will buy US business software company CA for $18.9 billion (about 1,46,750 rupees), venturing beyond its semiconductor world.

November 6, 2017

Broadcom makes an unsolicited $103 billion (about Rs 7,99,752 crore) bid for Qualcomm, paving the way for a takeover battle that could reshape the industry at the heart of mobile devices.

In February 2018, Broadcom withdrew its bid to acquire Qualcomm, two days after US President Donald Trump blocked the attempt.

November 2, 2016

Broadcom says it will buy network equipment maker Brocade Communications Systems for $5.5 billion (about Rs 42,705 crore) in cash to expand its fiber channel and storage business.

May 28, 2015

Avago Technologies has agreed to buy Broadcom Corp. for $37 billion (about Rs 2,87,289 crore) in the largest-ever chip maker merger. After the acquisition, Avago changed its name to Broadcom.

February 2015

Avago says it will buy Emulex Corp. for $764 million (about INR 5,932 crore), in a bid to expand Broadcom’s presence in storage networks to fiber channel technology.

December 2013

Avago says it will buy LSI Corp for $6.6 billion (about Rs 51,246 crore), as it turns to the fast-growing storage chip market to counter volatility in its core wireless business.

April 2013

Avago says it will buy CyOptics Inc., the optical chip and component maker, for about $400 million (about Rs 3,105 crore) in cash.

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