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Brave Web 3 Browser Adds Solana Support, Improves BAT Utility With Latest Update

The first privacy browser, Brave revealed desktop browser version 1.39, which comes with Solana integration in an effort to improve users’ access to the Web 3. Prior to the announcement, Brave Browser had an associated portfolio and robust set of tools for both novices and experts. The addition of support for Solana means that users will now be able to enjoy lower fees and faster transactions. Brave joins Opera, which made a similar move when it merged with Solana, Polygon, StarkEx and other blockchain systems in March.

The integration plans were first shared in November 2021. With desktop version 1.39, Brave Wallet users can transact SOL and SPL tokens directly from Brave Wallet. Also, they will be able to buy other cryptocurrencies using fiat through its integration with Ramp. To top it all off, the platform’s token, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) has also been converted to an SPL token.

Emphasizing the development, Brave CEO and Co-Founder Brendan Eich said, “As the flagship Web 3 browser, Brave now offers integration with the Solana blockchain so that users and developers can seamlessly transact on their fast, low-fee network.”

According to the announcement, Solana’s integration is just one step among others to improve access to the Web 3 ecosystem.

The company also announced its integration with Ramp. The Ramp integration allows users to purchase cryptocurrency directly within the Brave Wallet. According to Greg McEwan, head of marketing at Ramp, the integration will shorten the “painful process of converting fiat to crypto.”

Similarly, Brave announced its partnership with Solana NFT’s flagship marketplace, Magic Eden. With BAT tokens, Brave wallet users will soon be able to purchase NFTs directly from their wallets. “Incorporating Brave Wallet into our marketplace will drive the ecosystem forward,” said Magic Eden founder Sidney Zhang.

Apart from this, Brendan Eich of Brave indicated that the company will provide decentralized application (dApp) support in a future release.

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