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Apple AR/VR Headset Could Be Announced Soon, RealityOS Trademarks Spotted

An augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) headset from Apple may be announced soon when two trademarks called RealityOS, registered with the United Sates Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) were spotted. The mentioned brands were introduced by a little-known company called Realityo Systems LLC in December of last year under the categories of Peripherals, Software, and Wearable Computers. Given the history of Apple, this may be a shell company of Apple. The filing also revealed that the applicant did not provide evidence of use anywhere or in commerce.

Parker Ortolani, Director of Consumer Products, said: tweet that two RealityOS trademarks have been registered with the USPTO by an apparently non-existent company called Realityo Systems LLC. He says it could be a shell company set up by Apple as the company believes in secrecy. He made several points in the Twitter thread and on his blog to bolster his claim.

The trademarks were filed by Shell on December 8 last year under categories including, design and development of computer hardware, software, peripherals, computer and video games, and wearable computers. The deadline for foreign applications for RealityOS trademarks is June 8 this year. That date is just two days after the WWDC keynote and given Apple’s history, the company will likely get the trademarks transferred from the fictitious company for the product a few days later.

Realityo Systems LLC has not provided the USPTO with proof of trademark use anywhere or in commerce either, so it can be assumed that the trademark is for an upcoming product.

Previously it was RealityOS observer In Apple’s App Store loading logs that first raised questions about the company working on the AR/VR headset.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Realityo Systems LLC, and Yosemite Research LLC, the shell company Apple used to register the macOS version, they share the same address. Yosemite Research LLC has been used to register trademarks including macOS Monterey. Last month, another report suggested that the Apple AR/VR headset has been delayed until early 2023. Therefore, Apple may not announce the headset at the upcoming WWDC 2022.

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