Android 13 will get native support for opening exFAT format USB drives

Google should finally accept the exFAT format on Android 13, at least for the search giant’s smartphones. The novelty allows, in theory, that a file stored in an external memory (such as a flash drive) can contain more than 4 GB and still be read by the device.

Mishaal Rahman, responsible for the blog, discovered the change in Google’s mobile operating system. According to him, the Pixel 6 Pro began to recognize a flash drive formatted in exFAT format, which was impossible until the user installed a beta version of Android 13 – the Pixel was running Android 12L.

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The curious thing is that in theory, Android 12 should be able to recognize this type of format, as Android 13 is based on Linux kernel 5.10 – and is already capable of handling exFAT. The details responsible for making Google release the feature only now are certainly on the payment end to Microsoft, the company responsible for exFAT.

exFAT was created on Android 13 by Microsoft

exFAT was created by Microsoft as an evolution of the FAT32 format, which has some limitations and one of them is the file size. In the old format you could only store up to 4GB per file, while with exFAT the limit jumps to 16 exabytes – I guess that means two more names plus terabytes, which is storage that remains unexplored even by pendrives or drives Solid exterior today.

Since Microsoft’s inception, any company that adopts exFAT has to pay the license, as Samsung has been doing for years. As of 2019, the software giant itself has released the use of this format for anyone.

With the arrival of native support for exFAT in Android 13, smartphones, tablets, and any product with this operating system will be able to open any file larger than 4GB, locally and now at no additional cost. finally!

Via: Android Police.

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