age of z origins hack

age of z origins hack

age of z origins hack


Hacking in general is the ability to reach a specific target illegally through gaps in the target’s security system .

And when we talk about hacking in general, we mean the hacker’s ability to get into someone ’s device regardless of the damage he may cause .

A saboteur and there are three types of hackers.the first type are the so-called white hat hackers.

This type of hacker helps people and is known as ethical hackers . .. and the second type is the so-called black hat owners, who are immoral hackers who carry out acts of sabotage … ( English: Cracker ), and the third type are the owners of gray hats, who carry out moral acts, and at the same time they carry out sabotage acts.

age of z origins hack
age of z origins hack

age of z origins hack

1 hack methods
1.1 hacking devices
1.2 Viruses
1.3 Trojan
1.4 Backdoors
2 How do you deal with hacking?
3 scattered points
4 references
Hacking methods
Hardware hack
It’s like any other hack of something. It has ways and foundations through which the hacker can intrude on the devices of others by knowing the gaps in that system .

And those gaps are often in the ports of the device. These ports can be described in the simplest form as device gates. For example: Port 80 is often assigned to the service provider in order for the user to enter the Internet, and sometimes the port number is 8080…

There are many ways to hack, the simplest of which can be used by beginners are programs that depend on the (client / server ) system .

/serverIt contains two files, one of which is a server that is sent to the infected machine in some way, and the other is a client that is run by the hacker to control the infected machine .

The port is not 12345 or 12346, so he can hack a program dedicated to that and do whatever he wants. Other people ( in addition to those who put the file in your computer) can do the same to you when they scan ports and find your port is open. This method I mentioned is the simplest form of hacking , there are many ways hackers can hack you directly without sending files!

They are scripts written by hackers and they embed them in the victim’s machine in some way and they do what they are assigned to do. In most cases, their target is the victim’s files by destroying and deleting them.

It is called in Arabic Trojan horses because it is a program that the victim downloads of their own free will and uses them as well.

Backdoors, or so-called backdoors , are programs that are manufactured by hackers, and they are made to connect to the hacker’s device in reverse. It was physically present in the device.

How to deal with hacking
You should know in the first place that as long as you are connected to the network , you are vulnerable to hacking at any time and in any way , and a hacker may target you for some reason or even randomly, and this hacker may be an expert who can hack you so that You don’t feel what he’s doing to you!! Based on this, the best way is not to put your important and private things inside your device, such as your credit card number or your secret numbers, and there is a better way, which is to use a special device to connect to the Internet only that does not contain important information, although this method is a little expensive, but it is necessary provisions. There are anti-hack programs, but in general, they are not completely guaranteed, but there is no objection to using them, as they will benefit you in getting rid of some hackers, but not the experts of them. For programs that hack by sending a spyware file as patch files (There is no need to be afraid of it as long as you have an anti-virus program .

Scattered points
The Internet was developed to benefit and share information and cultures, so it is inappropriate to use it to hack others and steal their information.
Be careful not to brag that you can fully protect your device and that your device is not hackable because there are always those who know you and will consider it a challenge to them.
Always try to change your password periodically, as it can be hacked.
Any networking entails risks of hacking. Even local networks.

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