Airtel, Jio Said to Get Rs. 3683 Crore Allocation From Indian Government for 4G Services in Uncovered Villages

The government has allocated a project worth Rs. On Monday, an official source said Rs 3,683 crore for providing 4G mobile services in the villages not covered in the ambitious areas.

Under the project, Bharti Airtel will install 1,083 mobile towers spending Rs 847.95 crore in Jharkhand and Maharashtra and Reliance Jio will launch 3,696 towers for Rs 2,836 crore, the source said. The project was allocated to companies in May.

The source said, “Last year, the Cabinet approved a project to provide 4G coverage in exposed villages in an ambitious area in five states. It gave Airtel and Jio 18 months to launch 4G services in the selected villages.”

The project envisions the provision of 4G-based mobile services in 7,287 exposed villages of 44 ambitious districts across five states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Odisha at an estimated cost of implementation around Rs. Rs 6,466 crore including operating expenses for five years.

The project will be funded by the Universal Service Obligations Fund (USOF) and is likely to be completed by November 2023.

On the other hand, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced that the country is targeting to roll out a 6G telecom network, which will provide ultra-fast internet connectivity, by the end of the decade. India currently has 3G and 4G telecom networks and companies are preparing to launch 5G within the next few months.

Speaking at TRAI’s Silver Jubilee event here, he said it is estimated that the 5G network rollout will add $450 billion (about Rs 3,492 crore) to the Indian economy.

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