Arab culture
Arab culture

Arab culture

Arab culture

The Arab culture is considered one of the most important and richest cultures in the world. The roots of this culture took root before Islam, and it emerged in a bright way represented in a large number of speeches, wisdom, poems and proverbs; The genius of language was manifested, and it was the most important image of the life of the ancient Arabs and a mirror that clearly reflects their thoughts, feelings and the depth of their imagination.


  :Components of Arab culture

Arab culture has two main components: Arabic. Islam. Hence, the concept of Arab culture expanded to include the word Islam, and language is generally considered a vessel for all sciences, and a tool for understanding and ordinary, artistic and scientific expression.

Arab culture is considered one of the most prestigious and sublime cultures on the global level, due to its well-established roots since antiquity, which date back to an era before Islam.

Characteristics of Arab culture :

the Arabic culture

The characteristics of Arab culture are not the same in all societies, but each society has a culture that distinguishes it from other societies. Among the characteristics of the prevailing culture in many societies are the following:

  • Culture is social :  culture occurs as a result of interaction and communication within the community, and a person acquires the culture of his community through contact with others and his experiences and expertise and acquires since childhood.
  • The Culture is ideas and actions :  one of the most well-known characteristics of culture is that it consists of interconnected and overlapping ideas and actions.
  • Culture helped people increase their ideas and they invented various systems of art, language, and education.
  • Arabic Culture is human :  because culture is closely related to man, as he is the only being who can think, invent and invent machines and tools that meet his changing needs, in addition to possessing many principles and values ​​that help him reach his desired goal.
  • Culture is diverse in content :  We find that culture includes different and diverse concepts that may reach the point of contradiction sometimes.
  • The reason for the variation and difference in the content of culture is due to the prevailing ideas in the society and the extent of cooperation between individuals within the society in addition to the geographical nature spread in the society.
  • The Culture is transitional :  because culture was invented and invented by man, it is transmitted between generations and between individuals over the years.
  • Culture is changing and interconnected :  We also know that culture changes from time to time, but this change varies between multiple cultures in terms of style, content and degree of change.
  • Change in culture may proceed quickly due to the openness of society and cultural diffusion, as it may proceed slowly as a result of the stagnation and smallness of society.
  • Culture is similar in form :  we find that the external frameworks of culture and the various cultural systems are similar, even if the level of civilization is different. In different cultures, we find the availability of the material, symbolic and social sector even if the content differs.

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Reasons for the decline of Arab culture :

There are many reasons that led to the occurrence of a crisis and the decline of Arab culture, including the following:

  • The link between ideology and culture, where this link leads to the subjugation of culture to the authority and sovereignty of ideology, and this makes it deviate from its moral role and works to restrict human thought and creativity.
  • Western culture also affects the Arab culture, as it has high capabilities to spread the principles of its culture and impose its customs and traditions for economic and political purposes.
  • The wide spread of cultural illiteracy, especially among those who hold university and educational degrees, and this results in a lack of interest in building advanced and open cultures, in addition to an interest in academic achievement only.
  • The Arab culture consists of elements dating back to the tribal era and the era of agriculture, which made these elements, with the customs, customs and traditions they contain, not valid for this time, as well as not in line with the industrial and cognitive development.

The importance of Arab culture :

Culture has a clear influence and role in society because of the great benefits and importance it provides. Its importance is as follows:

  • Achieving belongingness :  Culture gives people a sense of belonging to the country and society, especially if all individuals speak the same language.
  • Understanding and Knowing Customs and Traditions :  Culture helps individuals in the community to understand and know all the different social customs and traditions prevalent in the community.
  • It also plays a clear and significant role in people’s understanding of each other, as well as all the ways in which they communicate with each other.
  • Sense of security :  Culture helps individuals feel safe and stable, which supports them with a sense of safety, security and stability.
  • Community formation :  The role of culture is clearly visible in the development and building of societies, as it helps determine how and how individuals deal with each other.
  • Determining values :  where culture determines the customs, norms, principles, and values ​​that are acceptable, correct, as well as unacceptable.

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Aspects of Arab culture :

There are many manifestations of Arab culture, and we present some of them as follows:

  • Human values ​​and morals, through which the individual learns about the evidence of meanings and morals.
  • History The educated person must have extensive experience and background in history.
  • Characteristics related to different peoples as well as their customs, traditions and customs.
  • Language, which is what the educated person speaks, so he must be familiar with all its subtle meanings, literature and fine arts.
  • See and learn about all contemporary issues and news.

Features of Arab culture :

Arab culture is characterized by many advantages, including the following:

  • Culture is general and comprehensive, as it includes many cognitive and behavioral fields.
  • It has a high ability to adapt to various social environments, whether this adaptation is in one community or neighboring communities.
  • It is characterized as widespread by the human being who possesses communication tools such as language.
  • Retaining the values, customs and traditions prevailing in society.
  • It has a great role to play in the process of expression and communication, because it combines language, thoughts, emotion and feelings.
  • What distinguishes culture most is that it is inherited, not acquired.
  • It is characterized by the presence of two sides, the ideal that the person wants to reach, and the other side, the real one that the individual practices in his life.

In this article, on my website, we provided you with an overview of Arab culture and the characteristics of Arab culture, as well as the reasons that led to the decline of culture and its importance, in addition to its manifestations and advantages.

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