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25 promoted to captain at Jersey City Fire Department ceremony (PHOTOS)

Jersey City officials are accustomed to going back to the fire department archives.

On the same day the division added its first new companies since 1937, the JCFD promoted the largest group to captain in more than 30 years on July 1.

City officials said it’s the first time in the fire department’s history that minorities are now represented in every department-wide department. In fact, the number of minorities in the rank of captain has doubled.

Since Mayor Steve Fulop took office in 2013, more than 500 uniformed firefighters and chiefs have been hired and promoted.

“We have come a long way since we inherited a fire department where many fire stations were inoperable every day due to staff shortages,” Fulop said. “From the beginning, we have made it a priority to strengthen the elite roster of fire department personnel and services in order to provide our residents with the highest quality of fire protection possible.”

At the start of Fulop’s administration in 2013, only 540 firefighters and chiefs covered the entire city. Since then, more than 300 firefighters have been employed, making the JCFD the largest municipal fire department in the state, with a total of more than 640 firefighters.

In addition, Mayor Fulop has promoted 12 deputy fire chiefs, 35 battalion fire chiefs and 160 fire chiefs to strengthen the Jersey City Fire Services.

“Today’s newly promoted captains will not only fill management roles and retirement vacancies, but will also oversee the two new fire companies active to date, including an all-new high-rise unit to respond to all high-rise fires and all work as rapid intervention crews,” said Fire Chief Steve McGill. “.

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